Feed back on laptop hardware you have deployed with IGEL UDC, looking for something inexpensive with touch screen?

I’m looking for feedback on laptop hardware you have deployed with IGEL UDC. Looking for something inexpensive with touch screen. Healthcare use case. We currently deploy Fujitsu convertible style tablets because they have finger and pen touch as well as two battery bays. We load Windows 10 today. Looking to begin to refresh the fleet with something less expensive and load IGEL UDC instead. TIA.

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my goal is still to convert chromebooks – should be possible but you will have to use alternate bios afaik

have you tried UDPockets in the Fujitsu devices?

ah, sry, missed the less expensive part

@member did you ever figure out how to address the chromebook being locked down? We can get IGEL OS to boot but requires user interaction. Needs to be seamless

haven’t tried it yet. the procedure requires you to manipulate the bios I guess. have you seen this article?: edocs.igel.com/index.htm#14331.htm

@member ⤴️

Yea we made it that far. Problem is the silly interactions the user must have to boot to IGEL. I can’t tell doctors to press CTRL+L and boot

lol, you can, but you might get fired…

now i’m trying to find a chromebook like equivalent hardware that would normally come with Windows or Linux


I wonder if you could do something like this with them: www.linkedin.com/pulse/make-your-chromebox-work-igel-ud-pocket-pete-hurtado/

That’s a chromebox, but basically sounds like replacing the stock firmware is the key

I wonder if you could then install UDC3 on it?

I like that HP laptop idea. $180 bucks!

I’ll have my tech review this chromebox idea as well. Thanks David!

np, my boss sent me the HP laptop link last night

I think it was a hint

Well not an Igel solution but have you checked the native Receiver for Chrome experience on Chromebooks. Should also be possible to run the receiver as a single app in kiosk mode…

that would be an option also.

I considered that briefly but dismissed it right away. Trying to limit the number of OS’s I have to manage. Simplicity. IGEL gives us Simplicity.

The only reason I bought a Chromebook was the price point. HOwever, that HP is even cheaper, though not as light weight. I bought one of the HPs to test with.

IGEL OS, Win 10 Ent, and IOS are the only 3 OSs I want to support long term

For endpoint devices that is

“want” I don’t really want to manage Win 10 Ent, but really don’t have much of a choice at the moment. Working on that though…lol

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