Few IGEL OS laptops not recognizing USB printers

Hey folks! Long time listener first time caller…we have a strange issue with a few of our igel os laptops (on OS 11.3) where usb printers aren’t recognized at all by the Win10 guest os. Strangely, this works when we bring the laptops into the office. Our client doesn’t have an ICG setup either, so remote management isn’t possible. We’ve had users try multiple different models of printer with no success at home. We’ve also disabled anything that may cause a conflict, such as VMWARE DEM. We’ve tried applying access policies to the device, a bunch of stuff. Any ideas?

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So… You setup an IGEL device and USB printer in the office and then the user takes the IGEL device and USB printer home and it stops working?


wow… So can they print a test page or from local browser?

Browser –> localhost:631/printers

sample pictures here:


Would that theoretically see this USB printer or would it need to be on the users home network?

Great resource btw! I didn’t know you guys had a git page

Yes — localhost:631/printers will work with USB

CUPS IPP printing currently only works with network printers. A feature request is in to allow CUPS IPP over USB is in… but no date as of today to implement.

What is CUPS IPP printing?

What is CUPS IPP printing you ask? Only the best thing since sliced bread!! 😉

Printing with CUPS and IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) allows for finding and printing to networked printers without using vendor specific software.


CUPS has printing APIs to allow applications to easily provide options via IPP. Most printers sold since 2010 support IPP printing with standard file formats and can be used without printer drivers or PPD files.


Thanks Ron!! Ill try some of stuff suggested here.

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