Firefox is not available on OS12?

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I’m missing firefox in OS 12. Am I blind or has it gone? Chromium is not an option.

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Same as RDP. New Apps will come 😉

Agreed. Chrome is annoying because if the system reboots with Chrome open then the next time Chrome is launched it just spits out an error about Chrome not being shutdown correctly and offering to reopen tabs. We’re “semi kiosk” mode so we prefer Chrome to just open a tab normally no matter what.

@member why is Chromium no option?

@member if the only issue you have is that the error message with not shutdown correctly appears, we can work on it.

@member because it’s not nearly as customizable as firefox. For example you can not disable the address bar and so on… We only allow to open our netscaler url automatically with firefox on OS11 and this is the goal on OS12 as well.

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