Found some old IGEL clients with empty do we install the latest version?

we have found some old igel clients with empty hdd. Now should be installed latest version. The tool from udc to prepare bootable usb fails at creating boot sector. What can i do?

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You could use rufus instead. If that doesn‘t work either, try to disable the antivirus temporary or use another PC/Stick.

it works, thanks

now it starts but just the igel logo glows in the right lower corner and do nothing else

Are the Hardware Requirements listed here, met? Especially Ram?

it ́s a IGEL H710C

Please double check the RAM, because they mostly had 1Gb of Ram, next thing I‘m not sure that the CPU supports x64.

sadly 1 GB RAM 😞

Do you have a working H710C somewhere? I mean for creating an image?

no working H710C in sight, we work now with UD3 LX50

where can i get the right UD ?

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