GEL OS DisplaySwitch is not letting us switch displays

Upgraded IGEL firmware to 10.05.800.01 from 10.400.100.1, and discovered DisplaySwitch is broken. It is not letting us switch displays. It seems to work with HP ProDisplay P221 monitors, but not other monitors like Dell P2217H. Is this a known issue? On the plus side, the new DisplaySwitch looks nice 🙂

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Have you updated the template on which the profile is based on to 10.05.800?

So the display switcher starts, but applying settings doesn‘t work. Is that true?

Yup. The DisplaySwitch utility launches, it detects the monitors correctly, but it just won’t swap out.

The profiles are still based on the older firmware. I created a new profile with the new firmware, but the same issue occurred. It’s weird.

Can you try to open a terminal, login as root, switch to user:

su user

and issue the following command:


Does it work then?

“Xfce4-display-settings: cannot open display”

Started as user: user?

I logged as root

please change the user by using

su user

If I run it as user, I get the same thing.

Also, side question. Now when I try to send an update to end points, it seems like the firmware is reinstalling again. Is there a way to stop that since they are already upgraded?

Are you using UDC/UDP or an Igel Device?

No, if you send a update command, the device will try to start the update even if it matches the profile.

UDC and UD3s.

Any way to review logs from the affected thin clients?

Sure: you could open a local terminal journalctl -n 20 -f

or try in UMS Help=>Save Device files for support

Both methods should gather what you need.

I did the UMS Help and got a zip file. I wasn’t sure what to look for though lol. Where would you look for video card / display issues?

It depends but xorg or on terminal journalctl should help.

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