Getting “Content Type unsupported” on IGEL OS and AVD.

Hello all and good Morning. ich have some trouble by Login into Azure. Some Users cant connect at first try.

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The Message: “Content Type unsupported” appears.

I found this in the Logs:

[07:31:30.021985] <140163866896128> {b3deb40f-cf9a-4e76-ae3c-f58d147a0100} DIAGNOSTICS(WARN): Unsupported content type text/plain; charset=utf-8 for requestId=0

/home/builder/rel2/rdcore-workshop/source/diagnostics/libdiagnostics/diagnostics/diagnostics_http_channel_pool.cpp(998): HandleHttpSuccessCode()

That error could be due to unsupported special characters during login (User and/or password).

If not is your case, explain with details (IGEL OS version, UMS version, same customer entered before with same credentials, etc.)

Hey, OS Version is the last available :

After setting Username and Password this Error comes up. After Reboot it works ,.. maybe 🙂

@member The Password has not changed, either the Username

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