Getting Error code 11 with Chromium and IGEL OS 12

Hi ,

Currently, we are utilizing IGEL OS12 version 12.01.120, and our Chromium browser from IGEL Local OS is functioning well for all URLs except for YouTube. Unfortunately, when accessing YouTube, we encounter the error message attached. Error code 11

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To address this issue, we have attempted to resolve it by reinstalling the Chromium browser from the store, which temporarily resolves the problem. However, upon rebooting the system, we face the same issue once again.

Any Solution ?

@member I saw this error also in the past time, but can’t remind how I fixed it. Could you send me your Chromium settings, so I can try to reproduce the issue in my test environment. You can also send it with PM. 🙂

What version of Chromium are you running? I had some issues with MS Teams and 111, I thought I was running the latest chromium version as I wasn’t used to how the app store presents later versions of chromium for update.

Check if you are have 115 downloaded, installed and applied to the device.

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