Getting error “Entitlement not found” on Horizon View

I’ve just upgraded a few of my devices to OS11.08.330 & .360 and get an error message when launching the Horizon VDI selection screen that “Entitlement not found”, even though all the assigned selections are available and still work once the error is closed down. This does not happen on devices running or 11.08.220.

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Any known issue or work around?

UMS is 12.01.110 and hardware is a mix of IGEL UD3 and old ZQ Wyse devices.

Can you take a look at the logs for Horizon?


Although the collection script gave a bunch of errors, it created 2 files. It looks like they are empty when cracking them open with 7zip.

You ran as root?

It looks like we found the issue. The Horizon Client profile had an old/non-existent “Desktop name” listed in the Connection settings. The newer .3XX OS didn’t like this and gave an error where the older .2XX and .1XX didn’t care and gave no error. Once we either completely took that “Desktop name” out or updated it to an existing one, all is well with no error.

Thanks for the push to look through the logs a bit more @member.

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