Global environment (US, EMEA, and APAC) UMS / ICG in each location but 1 IP address GSLB through NetScaler, is this possible?

Hey guys! I’m working with a customer who has three data centers dispersed across the US, EMEA, and APAC. They will have standalone UMS sites at each of these data centers, would like to leverage ICG for remote devices, but would like to have one “URL” for all remote device communication. Basically, they want GSLB through NetScaler across the three sites with NetScaler hosting the SSL certificate. Has anyone done this before? Is this possible? Thanks in advance!

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GSLB shouldn’t be an issue to set up but are all 3 UMS servers going to share a common DB?

An UMS could have more ICGs, but an ICG could only be connected to one UMS.

Is it possible to unify the 3 UMS’s into one single UMS (e.g. cloud based) and set up an access rights structure within the UMS where the different departments can access only their certain areas of the UMS? This will also allow you to just use one ICG instead.

According this:

First, setup an AD connection so you can use AD groups.

@member Each UMS will be independent of each other. The only thing that will be the same is the URL provided through GSLB.

@member The concern regarding one UMS is that since the devices reside on different continents, that network bandwidth can be saturated especially when pushing out profiles and firmware upgrades across the three continental regions that we need to support with our solution.

Profiles are just a few KB, and firmware you can use other storages like FTP, AWS or Sharefile etc.

You can also use the Buddy Update to supply the FW in the different smaller sites where the bandwith is low combined with Udo’s approach of using an FTP, AWS, etc. to supply the FW

All great ideas guys. Thanks so much! 😊

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