Guidelines for Citrix browser content redirection on IGEL OS

I have seen some post about Citrix browser content redirection, so I will post my guideline for getting it working:

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Firstly, you need the MMCP License without this license don ́t try BCR, you can get a demo license from

After that configure a local browser on the ThinClient and test the websites you want to use. When to websites work we can go on to BCR.

When the websites are not working check if the MMCP License is activated. When MMCP is active and it does not work add a terminal to your desktop and check with “top” if the client is on his hardware limits, if this is not the case create a support ticket, they will investigate this.

Check this website from Citrix for the requirements from BCR

When your browser is ready publish it via Citrix Studio.

Configure a basic storefront profile in the UMS and add the following option “Sessions –> Citrix XenDesktop / XenApp –> HDX / ICA Global –> HDX Multimedia –> Browser content redirection”.

Test the profile on your test-thinclient, the websites that worked in the local browser should now also work in the published browser. When this is not working, check all points from the link above or write a ticket to the support.

For best performance use a UD3 or better and the firmware 10.05.500 (Status January 2019).

We did a POC and for us it was working fine. Did some tests with and the results where amazing

I have managed to get this working with these settings.. results are amazing but requiring more testing tho as a couple of websites are not working for us at the moment.

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