Has anyone been able to successfully deploy UDC via SCCM?

Has anyone been able to successfully deploy UDC via SCCM as shown in this video?

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After working around some issues with encryption and having to use 32 bit boot.wims, I was able to get the image to apply using dd for dos. However, it comes up as no operating system found. I can confirm there is data written to the drive the same size as my image file, but it will not boot.

I ran into the exact same issue. OS installed, but on first boot it fails.

So breaking news on this front, I completely decrypted the device and it was able to boot into the OS. Even when running a diskpart to clean the disk it seems like some part of encryption was still affecting this. Time to dig more into encryption.

@member can you please raise a support ticket? Thank you

I found this on the mcafee forums:

“If you restore partition from image like ghost imaging then, it will not touch the MBR/SBR so what you need to do is simply boot wintech and remove eepc.. it’s will try to remove eepc and since drive is not encrypted it will only remove SBR info or you can you fixmbr.”

Sounds like I may just need to add a fixmbr step. I will test more next week 🙂

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