Has anyone had luck redirecting USB drives in VMware Horizon?

Has anyone had luck redirecting USB drives in Horizon? I’m trying both USB redirection and drive mapping methods (not at the same time), as notated here and can’t get it to work with either method… works just fine with the Windows Horizon client and USB redirection. kb.igel.com/igelos/en/usb-redirection-2720142.html

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Usually, yes but we had a lot of trouble with the Vmware Client and USB Redirect in the last versions. Which Firmware version is in use? Did you tried the latest private Build with the newest version 4.8?

We’ve tried the private builds and USB redirection still seems to not be 100 percent.

Tried both 4.7 and 4.8, same results. This is specifically for USB storage. I can get non-storage USB to work ok.

Ok! Dumb question but would you be able to check the situation on a Ubuntu 16.04 x64 system? I want to check if it‘s a Igel or Vmware bug…

I can give it a shot when I get a chance. For some reason it just started working out of nowhere – I’ll keep doing more testing to see if I can break it again 😉

I think the “auto connect on insert” is being flaky. I noticed with the menu bar at the top enabled, it sometimes wasn’t auto-connecting and I had to manually connect it.

We have had a bunch of flakiness today and yesterday with computers not working with USB. We have set igel to reboot the machines after the Horizon session but that no longer seems to help. We are going to continue to have angry users if Igel doesn’t figure this out soon. All the new private builds seem to do nothing.

I‘m with you, let‘s see if @member is able to check a Ubuntu System (I‘m sure our support did it, but, I would prefer to have it double checked)y

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