Has anyone successfully installed the YubiKey program on Igel?

Has anyone successfully installed the YubiKey program on Igel? I have the .tar, just trying to figure out the steps

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Hey Caleb, there is mention of how to use FIDO2 keys in Citrix here. Is there something specfic in the functionality of the Yubikey program that you are looking to utilize. Just trying to understand, since there is some native basic key management available through Chromium browser.

we have already purchased yubikeys and are utilizing the programs in one of our callcenters. We are currently using windows machines there and are looking at whether we can use Igels instead. They already know how to use them so we are trying to keep them using something they are familiar with

Hey Caleb, understand regarding wanting to use the Yubikey hardware. But is there some specific functionality of the Yuibco software that you are looking for?

Using OAUTH instead of FIDO2

And I’m guessing that requires the client software on the endpoint?

If so, have you tried looking at the steps for installing custom (ie: Custom Partitions) software on the IGEL as described and demonstrated here?

igel-community.github.io/IGEL-Docs-v02/Docs/HOWTO-Add-Applications/?h=custom+partition#os-11-and-os-12-via-custom-partitions igel-community.github.io/IGEL-Docs-v02/Docs/HOWTO-Add-Applications/?h=custom+partition#os-11-and-os-12-via-custom-partitions

I have not looked at this. Thank you for showing me

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