Have a mix of x64 and x32bit HP Windows Embedded, can I use them with IGEL OS and UMS?

Good morning to you all! Prospective IGEL customer here. We’ve got a ton of HP Windows Embedded thin clients in our environment, but they’re a mix of x64 and x32 architecture. Can anyone tell me if both architectures can be managed by the UMS?

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Hi! It depends a little bit, does the CPU on x86 side supports x64?

Hi Sebastien, the x86 clients are HP t510, looking up the CPU specs now, but I don’t believe they d


It’s the VIA Eden x2 U4200

On Via’s website they claim 64 so I may have just answered my own question. The downside is that the latest universal firmware doesn’t list the t510 as being a compatible model.

Can you please check if this Via device is using the VIA Gpu or another one? Via Grafik support isn‘t there…

They are using VIA chipset for graphics, yes. IGEL doesn’t support any VIA graphics chipset then?

At least not with the UDC3… Here is a compatibility list that may help a bit:



Can devices converted with UDC2 co-exist in UMS with UDC3 converted devices? I’ve seen those compatibility lists, so in a sense I should have asked my original question differently.

Yes, absolutely!! There is no limitation or issues regarding the use of both in UMS!

Ok, cool. But when it comes to converting devices from WES7, the t510, would we need to touch each thin client with the UDC2 stick, or roll them out via pxe boot with the appliance? The appliance I’m running is the UDC3 appliance. I did actually push the UDC3 image to one of the t510s and received a message of incompatibility, so I’m trying to sort this out before I download trial licenses for my devices.

If I remember right, the appliance (5.0) is able to deploy UDC2 or UDC3. So yes, PXE, Stick would fit.

Just tested it: Appliance works fine with UDC2 also.

So I would be able to upload a previous image version to the appliance, run PXE, convert the machines across the network instead of USB stick? 🙂

Yes, right!

Excellent, thanks a ton Sebastien

I just uploaded the UDC2Stick_5.13.100.zip to the UDC appliance, and the appliance says the image is invalid though.

Error: Failed to find readme file (E104)

This is interesting stuff though

Which UDC Appliance Version are you using?


Tried with 5.0, should work with 4.2 also but cannot try it right now.

Ok…which file did you use for udc2 upload?

I’ll look for the 5.0 UDC

For our HP t510s, which had HP ThinPro on them, we had to use UDPockets on them due to their internal disk only having 1GB of space.

These are a 16GB capacity

Currently they run WES7 in our environment


David’s right, if they are the 1GB version of T510 you’ll need the UD Pocket, if they are the 2GB model you should be fine with UDC.

Another possible solution, if you want to maintain Windows Embedded installation but manage them from UMS, is to buy an UMA license: www.igel.com/unified-management-agent/ (See Technical Requirements for compatible versions).

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