Have you found a better user experience with via Citrix on IGEL OS using UDP or TCP for remote connections?

Have team, what have you found a better user experience with via citrix/igel, udp or tcp for remote connections?

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Hi Vincent. Citrix uses HDX, formaly known as ICA, as its protocol. It uses TCP and UDP, depending on the virtual channel used. See some explanation here: www.citrix.com/blogs/2014/08/18/citrix-xendesktopxenapp-what-is-hdx-its-not-just-ica/

So beside some specific stuff you cannot choose to go for TCP or UDP.

What’s the reason behind your question?

U.D.P. is a connectionless protocol, so I would expect it to involve less overhead and perform better than T.C.P.

Right, I understand the technical side of what it is and how it behaves on paper, however different environments in my experience have different results. This was more the base of my question, what has the community experience been

Enable both. So the protocol can do its magic

@member what i have seen when using UDP: Login sequence is often faster when having tcp only enabled. Hanging receiver window when disconnecting. This doesn’t happen all the time though and not in all environments. You need to find the correct setup for your environment is my primary recommendation.

it also helps a lot with not killing your bandwitdh with retransmits 😉 so not only handy for more performance but also better performing when you have a high latency or just a crappy connection.

I’ve noticed with a few ISP’s if Adaptive protocol is enabled the client can’t at all. Example being two agents in the same delivery group and igel profile. Agent 1 connects fine, and agent 2 cannot connect. If I disable adaptive hdx on on the agents igel profile, they immediately can connect. Guessing that ISP has something against UDP

Should fallback to TCP

Should but just fails as timed out.

I found that for me and multiple users, if we enable ‘HDX Adaptive Transport’ on the Citrix D.D.C., then he thin clients fail to connect to XenDesktop. Oddly, though, one person tried a non-Igel computer and it connected successfully.

@member support ticket please!!

Thanks, I opened a support case for this.

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