Have you removed 13.5 receiver from last IGEL UDC 3 version?

Have you removed 13.5 receiver from last UDC3 version?

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Yes: myigel.biz/public/IGEL_UNIVERSAL_DESKTOP_CONVERTER/updates/UDC3_V10/os_10.04.100.txt?forcedownload

Why is that?

We have to choose those ones with less bugs from the Citrix perspective or the compatibility view. If 13.5 is needed, a downgrade of firmware may help

what version do you recommend?, I have to move to RTOP 2.4 because of Skype problem.

From MHO, I would use for testing the Private Build 10.04.160 posted in Release Channel. Receiver 13.09 worked perfect until now!

yes – fully agree – 13.9 works fine (until now)

I have 10.04.120TP but I have to go in production because of RTOP, Can I get 10.04.160?


I wouldn‘t use it in production actually but for testing yes.

Thank you, I know that, but I have to do it, because of Citrix is not helping me if I don’t change the RTOP version :white_frowning_face:

that’s always on of the biggest issues with Igel Firmwares – new versions are not fast enough integrated (in a public release) and Citrix (or other companies) won’t help you if you are not on the newest release (or a LTSR version)

You are right, that‘s something we are working on, in a near future. Our goal is to integrate new versions faster independently from our main firmware releases. Stay tuned!

That would be great!!😄

yes – would be really helpfull – especially when you have buggy eg receiver version

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