Having login Screen is flagging and Showing Strange graphic issues plus other screen issues

Hey, having two issues with the latest OS11 on the new UD2:

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1. With Appliance Mode “Self Service” enabled, the Workspace Login Screen is flagging and Showing Strange graphic issues, After Login in Receiver everything is okay again.

2. Starting Citrix Desktop Session, only showing in about 40% of the Screen, Never starting in Full Screen. Is there a new Special Setting in OS11? I only enabled „Start Session in Full Screen above all Monitors“ like always, this worked fine since years in OS10 and OS5. Very strange.

Thank you

Hey, that‘s strange indeed. Which firmware are you using exactly? Did you test your profiles on other hardware but on OS11 already? I would like to see if it‘s UD2 or firmware related.

Which receiver Version are you using?

Did you create the OS 11 profiles from scratch or is it a copy of OS 10 one?

@member it’s OS; I only have got the new IGEL UD2 LX Clients, sorry cannot test on others.

@member it’s the preferred in the OS11 release, director is saying its and i imported from OS10 template and set the firmware version in the profile to the OS11 release there I saw the first time the change from the Appliance Mode “oldschool” firefox to the new SelfService Appliance Mode within Workspace Client

Can you try to update the client to 11.01.120? We fixed a few grafic issues there: myigel.biz/public/IGEL_OS_11/updates/lxos_11.01.120.txt?forcedownload

Could you send us a picture of the graphic issue? Did you test different cables / adapters?

@member so as Udo was asking if I imported the profiles I created a new profile only with appliance mode enabled, set the storefront URL and nothing else, bound it to my clients -> works! wow – both problems (graphic laggs and no fullscreen) are fixed! Is it possible that importing “older” Profiles from OS10 and setting the firmware version of the profile to OS11 could go wrong?

It could, yes, indeed, but it’s unusual. Can you try to compare the profiles by right click one profile, choose compare profile and there choose the new one? There is maybe something set in registry?!

Checked that – as you can see there are a few old settings for displays and graphics, maybe that was the fault…

Sounds logical to me! Thanks for checking and thanks to @member

No, thank you both for the quick reply, saved my evening!

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