Help as Microphone is not detected on IGEL OS

Hi ,

We have made IGEL OS 11.04.240 in a pendive as LIVE OS like UD pocket device using Preparestick.

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Using this we tried booting from a 64 bit desktop (Dell ) , OS booted successfully. Then we tried to access VDI and citrix desktops inside IGEL OS, and that also worked perfectly. But we are facing one issue that cant able to detect Microphone either in VDI or Citrix.

We tried both Jack Headset and USB Headset, Headset is getting detected and we can hear the sound, but Microphone not getting detected. Even we tried all the possible settings changed inside the OS , but no luck

Can anyone had similar issue. IF someone can help me on this will be really helpful.

We are undergoing on Testing with IGEL OS, So far we are downloaded the Trial version which we received from Support Team, based on this Microphone result only we can go further.

We are using IGEL OS 11.04.240 Version and tried with both USB and 3.5 mm Jack Headset.

Hi Anas, which kind of Dell devices are you looking at? I would like to test the newer .270 firmware available:

How are you testing the Microphone? Locally or in Session?

We have tried, Dell different model Desktops, Dell OptiPlex 3046, 3050, 3020 and all. None of the systems were not supported Microphone fascility in VDI and Citrix.

i’m using IGEL os 6.5.11) in a Pendrive Liveboot.

We have tested in Session (Both Citrix and VDI)

Just in case, could you test the audio device locally first, to check if it id hardware related?

This i have already checked, When clicks output sound tab, There is a test icon, and i can hear both Left and Right speakers of the Headphone.

And please note that even in VDI session also, i can able to hear through Headphones, only issue with Microphone. Other side cant able to hear any voices if i make a call..

Also, When i clicks input sound tab i can see analogue stereo input and analogue stereo duplex options are there . I have selected both and tried , no luck.

It will be great if anyone can help me on this

Hi Anas, do you have a Ubuntu x64 18.04 to test it against your hardware?

We had to create a profile and add the vendor id/prod id in it so that our speakers and such would work inside Citrix.

Hi George, thank you for sharing your idea!!

Just one thing I would like to mention if someone comes across this thread: redirecting USB Devices like HID or Audio might function in specific use cases BUT SHOULD NEVER be the first idea 😄 :

• Niche devices not supported locally like specific dictation with optimized channels

• Some document scanners without SANE support

• licence dongles

• unique Smartcard solutions

• specific mouse devices like CAD Mouses

I will explain it like I would do to my colleagues:

Mapping: means a device (mainly Mass storage) is connected locally to the endpoint and mounted there. If you start a session, the Client has access to it, and writes to it through a dedicated and optimized channel. The Driver used for that device is needed on the endpoint not on VDI side.

Redirection: means devices (everything in your config, beside HID devices) will get disconnected from the endpoint and reconnected (virtually) to the VDI solution. The device is not available anymore locally, the driver needs to be installed on VDI side and there is no real optimization of the traffic.

Mapping is the only optimized way in my opinion.

USB Redirection should only be used for „other“ devices like License dongles or specific 3d mouses.

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