Help configuring a Citrix Self-Service Profile for IGEL OS 10.5 – LX

Hi – i’m just in the process of configuring a Citrix Self-Service Profile for LX IGEL 10.5. I notice that the Self-Service Store works but its theme is defaulting back to the green bubble interface and not the custom branding we use for our stores. Also subscriptions seems to be turned on for IGEL even though the Storefront Store is set to a Mandatory Store (subscriptions turned off). Just wondering whats up this this behaviour? Is this normal?

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What if you use native Firefox browser connecting to remote Storefront, and use Self Service into Storefront? That works fine and get the modern Storefront portal.

I suppose i could do that but it seems like a bit of a workaround.

I was actually just talking to one of the operations guys and he believes the root cause is because i’m using the Legacy PNA agent URL that doesn’t support the same types of themes.

Problem is every time i attempt to use the Setup > Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Self-Service -> Server StoreFront URL it fails to connect.

@member what URL are you using? If storefront it should be Serveraddress fqdn.of.storefront and path to store /Citrix/storename

If using Netscaler gw, remove the data in path to store.

Here is a screenshot of the policy for Citrix Self Service.

Policy is a 10.05.800.01 policy using the Citrix Client 18.10.

I’ve tried v 13.10 as well.

Error on client is “Self Service Error: No Server Available”

If i use Storefront Legacy it works but the UI and branding elements don’t work.

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