Help getting Active Directory integration with IGEL UMS

Hi there, POC with IGEL and can’t get AD login to work. Configured Security – Logon – AD/Kerberos with Login to AD domain and Explicit. Configured AD/Kerberos with enable and set the FQDN and unchecked Obtain Addressless Tickets. Configured Domain 1 with FQDN and the IP of a DC. And configured Domain Realm Mapping with host name of my DC and then the AD domain. I am I missing something on how to get AD login to work? Thanks

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@member did you configure NTP/timezone settings on your IGEL devices?

I did, I set it to an India Time Zone, as that will be where the devices reside. I didn’t set the NTP server though

Can you confirm the time on the IGEL shows the same as your domain controller? They must match

Most likely you will need the NTP server

Try setting it to a domain controller for testing, then reboot the device and try again

Yep, that did it. Thanks!

No problem, just make sure you use a true NTP server in production. That way if you ever decom your Domain Controller you don’t lose time on all your clients 🙂

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