Help getting Imprivata working in a Citrix environment on IGEL OS?

Anyone can point me in the direction of getting Imprivata going in a Citrix environment? I work at a provider in SW Florida where we have Imprivata 5.5.102 and XenApp 6.5 on Storefront. We’re live with Imprivata on Windows, but I’m working on a POC so we can get off Windows and cut some costs. I created a profile for a 10.05 thin client based off the “Igel with Imprivata Step by Step Configuration” video on the YouTube, but I have a feeling the base custom commands might be different?

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Couldn’t open the PDF for some reason. Just getting a generic failed to open message from Edge, Chrome, Opera and Reader DC 😞

Yep, fore also. Weird. Will retry

Thanks Udo 👍

Hi Chris, if you are an Imprivata customer you should be able to get access to docs here – In the meantime I’ve sent you the 5.5 SP1 setup doc

Thanks Chris, my peer has the credentials to the support site, this was delegated to me, the FNG

Next try – and Chris is right as well!

Cool, I’m leaning on my peer and that link worked Udo. You’re a champ!


Thanks Chris, thanks again Udo.

One thing I can’t parse is the usage of a generic user ID in our environment. We’re not using one for any of our current clients. Any thoughts on that?

We are using that config. I had some really bad problems with it when we got into the field. Seemed fine in the lab then all hack broke loose when the Doctors and nurses started using it for real. I can speak with you by phone next week if you wish, but the highlights are: use XenDesktop in the Imprivata VDI policy not XenApp. Do not go through a netscaler, point directly to each storefront server you have in the VDI policy. The generic user account creates a Type-2 style desktop for you. If you have a specific application you want pre-started and left running on the desktop this works quite well. We are a hospital running an EMR called Epic. If you dont need that functionality, you can simply use an appliance mode policy for Citrix.

That video was pretty good to get you sort of started but I feel like it creates a demo environment with choices that do not do well when used in anger by actual end users.

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