Help getting USB camera’s to work on my IGEL OS

Hello everyone, i’m quite new to the use of IGEL and i ran into a problem.. I tried to get usb camera’s to work on my IGEL’s but nothing seems to work.. It’s probably i little problem that is fixed in no time but as i said i’m still really new to the use of IGEL’s and also my IT job in general (I work for about 4-5 months now). Someone want to share some knowledge about this with me?

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Hi Matthias – welcome to the family. As a first overview please have a look at the UCC guide here

And this one

Hi Matthias and very welcome to the Igel Community. In addition to Udo’s message can you share your Profilers with us and what Cam you use?

Hello Matthias, a few additional informations might be needed to help you out:

1. Firmware version of your IGEL OS device

2. Which kind of Terminalserver / VDI solution are you using?

3. Where do you want to use the Camera (Application)

4. Is it working already?

Profilers? Sorry 🙂 this is the camera i bought to test

Logitech, model C920 Pro HD webcam


2. RDS so microsoft if that’s what you mean 3. Teams meetings especially and 4. the camera works properly but it’s nowhere to be found when i plug it in, alltho other usb devices are found (mouse)

Well, on RDS, there isn’t so much you can optimize but using RemoteFX:

Have an eye on USB Redirection and be sure, that Audio devices aren’t get redirected through USB Redirection.

If that doesn’t work either, you could try to redirect the webcam via Native USB redirection instead:

Last but not least, even if it related to extra license, Fabulatech might hehp too:

In addition, please check if the device is seen under:

The bottleneck isn’t the Webcam (which is great) but more the RDS implementation and a lack of Teams optimisation there.

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