Help installing IGEL OS 11 on the HP T430 thin clients?

I need some guidance on installing OS 11.02.150 on the HP T430 thin clients. I’ve been unable to get the software successfully installed on multiple of these specific devices. My errors are various depending on different BIOS configs, so I’d like to start with the recommended setup and go from there.

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Can you describe a bit the issues you faced? Usually, enabling USB Boot, Secure Boot (if needed), changing temporary the Boot Order to USB then HDD is enough on modern Hardware.

I didn’t notice issues on the last customer project a few weeks ago with T430…

When enabling Secure Boot, we never get past the IGEL splash screen into the firmware installation menu. Disabling Secure Boot, I can get into the firmware installation menu, but end up with these errors on install.

Also, this error.

This is occurring when the boot mode is both EFI and BIOS. I’ve also ensured that the 430’s Bios is up to date (1.07 currently).

I have a feeling that this M.2 inside these 430’s is the culprit, I just don’t know why.

I found this on HP’s webpage, any reason IGEL wouldn’t install on embedded storage? Looks like these don’t have any kind of M.2 at all.

This is what I’m getting stuck at. Sorry for the blast of posts 🙂

I can confirm that 11.03 works fine on this model, so the issue seems to be with version 11.02.150

Ok, that might be related to the newly updated driver sets… So using 11.03 is an alternative I hope?

Yes, using 11.03 is fine.

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