Help, issues with an IGEL OS client freezing up?

I’ve got a strange issue. We have a bunch of Intel Compute Sticks running IGEL OS 11 acting as PDF delivery clients for exam students. I have the PDF files pushed through UMS to each client’s local storage, and then I have a custom application defined for each one that calls evince in fullscreen. For the most part it works great, but occasionally the clients will lock up into a grey screen with no taskbar or start button visible, and the only solution is a hard power cycle. I’ve been trying to replicate the issue with a test client but I can’t figure out what causes them to flip to the full grey screen, and unfortunately our exam room isn’t networked yet so there’s no way for me to remotely troubleshoot these units when the issue occurs. Has anyone else had issues with an IGEL client freezing up?

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That’s a new one to me. What firmware are you running on those devices?


Most likely need to review the journal logs on the local device. Going to be hard to troubleshoot if you cannot pull data off. Can you connect them to Wi-Fi or anything?

That’s the plan when we move offices in the fall, unfortunately I’m stuck right now. Where are the journal logs on the device, and do they get wiped after a reboot?

They are wiped after reboot, unless you enable debug options.

If you can use the terminal to get in before it reboots you can run the command below to export journal to a local log in tmp

journalctl > /tmp/journal.log

Thanks, I’ll enable the debug partition on each unit and then hopefully at least I can get some information out of them

So after enabling the debug partition and waiting for another unit to lock up on a grey screen, I found this error in the messages log:

kernel: [drm:intel_cpu_fifo_underrun_irq_handler [i915]] ERROR CPU pipe C FIFO underrun

There is a registry key to disable the i915 driver due to some known issues. I am OOO, but ping me tomorrow on this thread and I can get it to you to test

Ok thanks

Hi, Can you share the registry fix on here, I am having the same issue with a few UD2s. Thanks

Sure, it’s

thanks will give that a go

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