Help migrating from IGEL UMS embedded db to SQL

Hello, @member an me are facing some errors while migrating from embedded db to SQL. UMS version > 6.01.100. There are 2 error messages: 1. DELETED.DIRID appears when copying data from ebedded to SQL. 2. invalid objectname schemaversion”. Someone already recognized this errors?

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Hello @member @member did you tested to click Optimize Database first before migrating?

thanks for your fast response. yes we did,

Can you update to 6.04 and retest?

We ́ve tried now but, ran into the same error.

How did you setup the target DB?

Like here?

exactly like there yes 🙂

So sorry, but then I don‘t have so much to share more… I would suggest to have you both opening a ticket if you wouldn‘t mind. Can you keep us in the loop if you found a solution?

of course, thanks for your suggestions!

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