Help secure IGEL OS Kiosk mode: how I can map all the hotkeys and shortcuts?


I have been trying to security harden a IGEL for kiosk use with Horizon client and Chromium but I just dont seem to be able to get rid of all manner of hotkeys everywere. The most harmful ones I have mapped away in User Interface/Hotkeys/Commands to harmless things as hide windows and such. But There are so many in just Chromium so does anyone have a suggestion on how I can map all the hotkeys and shortcuts to nothing or harmless things? Or is there som hidden feature to disable hotkeys alltogether?

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Hi Andreas, would have to double check but why not using the Appliance mode instead? This mode disables most of the stuff you described with one click:

Disabling Chromium Hotkeys might get covered on Kiosk mode:

but will check in a few min.

I agree with @member, this is a perfect use case for Appliance Mode

Hi, I have been looking in to this but I have som problems.

We use Horizon with smartcard auth via SAML and therefore we are dependent on a browser. If I set appliance mode to Horizon client the auth-redirect starts the browser I have configured and everythis works fine but the browser is then left running with all its hotkeys avalible and hacking the client is to easy. If I go the other route and set the browser to appliance mode (Only Firefox avalible to this) I can’t get the smartcard certificate signature to be accepted, I have opened a ticket regarding this. When will Chromium be avalible with appliance mode?

Any one else have a suggestion on setting upp a secure kiosk-mode config with both a browser and Horizon client?

On Chromium: it’s planned, I will ask.

On appliance mode like, here is a link to a profile set which might fit:

On smartcards with Firefox, worst a try:

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