Help troubleshooting issues when authenticating against AD in IGEL OS?

Is there anything I can look at on the IGEL side of things to determine a possible issues when authenticating against AD? On VLAN1 it is almost immediately and VLAN2 it takes anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute…

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Sure,basically everything from ping, tracert, tcpdump but I would start with journalctl:


journalctl -n 50 -f

search for auth, pam or krb5 by adding

| grep auth

as an example

If you don‘t know where to get a terminal:

Start=>System=>Log Viewer


Igel Setup (or profile): Accessories=>Terminal=>+=>Save

Thanks! I haven’t looked at the tcpdump will check that out. Almost seems like a DNS issue because when I was attempting to ping earlier hostnames would not resolve unless I put in FQDN…

It might, in 80% it‘s DNS related. Pay maybe attention to DNS Default Domain here:

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