Help with customizing a Google Chrome custom partition on IGEL OS

Hello, does anyone have experience customizing a Google Chrome CP? I want to prevent users from having the ability to save passwords.

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Like Ron said, I would use the PasswordManagerEnabled Policy, set it to false and create/write it in the managed_policies.json file. Then I would roll out the file via UMS Filetransfer and I do the following:

1. I would copy the file with the ums_filetransfer and create a new file in the UMS console. Set the access rights from the managed_policies to: Owner (Read, Write, Exec) and Other (Read Only), Owner: Root. The benefit is, that you can change the policies easier, if you have a ums file, not in the Chrome CP, that ́s my opinion and my experience. 🙂

2. Copy the files to /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed/managed_policies.json

3. At the last send the configuration to the device and reopen Chrome, now your Chrome should configured like you want. Hint: There you can see all acquired policies and the policies, that are not acquired because of errors and the error why not. 😉

I’ve worked and working a lot with Chromium/Chrome policies, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask it. We are here to help, everyone with his/her experiences and knowledge. 😉

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