Help with IGEL / Imprivata Appliance FUS configurations

Does anyone have experience with Igel Imprivata Appliance FUS configurations. I haven’t been able to get mine to work with 11.03 (my 10.05.500 works perfectly). There’s a reference in the docs to “Enable the following if you use Imprivata versions above 6.3 IGEL OS > System > Registry > imprivata.gain_permission”. Which seems new and I can’t find that anywhere.

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You need to be on 11.04 for the FUS stuff

Imprivata removed it from the bootstrap and added it back in 11.04

Then make sure that your profile is based off of 11.04.x (match your firmware) or you won’t see the new options

So that’s working for you?

It has worked for multiple customers. (I am with IGEL)

Do you need to be on a specific patch version of Imprivata ?

Like beyond 7.0

Not to see the new FUS options and the gain_permissions registry key

For supported versions see Imprivata’s document above

looks like I’ve got some upgrading to do….thanks!!

so the gain_permissions igel reg key won’t be needed when using 11.04?

You need the key still, but that’s only for using offline mode in Imprivata

where do I add that key, I don’t see a logical place for it etc.?

perfect thanks!!

looks like this config is on 11.04 and not earlier versions


Interesting…..I just upgraded to and I see fus BUT only in the registry and not in the GUI

Are you configuring it with a profile?

Make sure your profile is based on 11.04.240

Yes, first I used an existing 11.03 and based it on the new version, and then tried creating a new profile and same thing

What version of UMS?


That may be why

Some stuff doesn’t show in the UI until you upgrade UMS



Because sometimes elements aren’t there until the feature is implemented and they have to be built into UMS

You can do it with the registry keys though

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