Help with issues with UMS not showing IGEL OS devices as online or ready even though they are?

Anyone still having issues with UMS not showing devices as online or ready even though they are? Our issue is happening with both internal devices and ICG-connected remote devices. (UMS 6.07.100, OS-11.05.133, ICG 2.03.110).

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Do you maybe disable online check?

You wrote ICG, is there a difference between internally registered and ICG ones? Can you ping the devices?

Pings working fine (to internal devices). Have both wired and wireless, internal and remote. Online check enabled. It seems random and comes and goes. Thought I had seen someone else here mention something on this topic. Not a show-stopper, but just odd.

Have you configured this?

Hi @all, I’m facing the same issue. Enable or disable heartbeat doesn’t make any difference. Newest ICG, newest UMS, FW 11.05.100 to 133 no difference. Directly after reboot client is online. After a while client turns to red. VNC / Secure Terminal doesn’t work either. Shadowing is possible with UMS WebApp. Client behavior is random.

Interesting! But the device remains functional to that time? Could one of you both access one device physically and issue a command together with me?

Piggy backing off of Sebastian, if these are both ICG connected environments, the article I linked is UMS-_only_ I think. There’s also this heartbeat command for the ICG:

@member I am having a web session with the customer tomorrow 9am German time. Would be glad having you as the customer as various issues concerning Igel is OS 11.5 over the last weeks

Echo Michael’s comments. Configuration is good on Device Network Settings and does not matter if on internal network or ICG, still having conflicting information delivered on UMS. Device can show last contact as now. Device still receives commands from UMS. Device still can be shadowed. But, device still shows as offline by icon in UMS file tree.

@member I have seen this issue on internal device as well. Device receives config but shows offline state. I have also experienced the following: shadowed on the device over WebApp directly after green state. Whilst shadowing session device turned to red and did not receive further config updates

So, let me sum up:

1) both are on newest Systems but not on latest Private Build: .145 (worst a try, will PM the link).

2) it happens on devices on LAN and WAN (ICG), right?

3) the device remains functional but no IGEL Related actions (Shadowing, Settings sent) are possible. right?

Mostly correct Sebastien. (all except private build. haven’t seen that yet. and commands from UMS)

A YES for all

Thanks to both of you for helping out, to debug that behavior!

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