Help with PowerMic-II and also the onboard audio on IGEL OS?

Hi all, has anyone ever passed the dreaded PowerMic-II and also the onboard audio? We are able to pass the Mic without issue and it functions within Dragon, but that becomes the only audio source in the desktop session. The Citrix policy for client audio redirection is probably the culprit, but it seems we need that for the mic to function. Thanks for looking!

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Hi Brent, you might have a look on that Registry key available on actual Firmware .240 and set it to true:


|Parameter |`Multiple Audio Device support` |


|Registry |`ica.module.vdcamversion4support` |


|Value |False* (default)/True |


Thank you! I’ll have a look

No luck on the registry change. We tried it both with client audio redirection and without. We still only get 1 source.

Can you provide a few screenshots about the Sound mixer in Windows side and your settings in:

Could you disable the USB redirection, and enable the Virtual channel like here:

Reboot and retry?

When we do that the desktop session is not showing any audio devices installed.

Are you sure that client audio policies are ON, on your Citrix Env.?

I’m not a dragon expert, but in the past I always recommended to NOT redirect Mics into session by using the Native USB redirection but rather use the virtual channel.

Thank you, we are going to try to tear down everything and start from scratch.

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