Help with self signed certs on IGEL for use with Citrix Netscaler Gateway

Hi all, has anyone tried using a self sign cert on an IGEL to be used as part of a netscaler gateway user cert authentication? We are trying to have some control on our netscaler gateway to only allow IGELs with this cert to be able to connect as it is considered managed. We don’t want any random IGEL knowing our netscaler gateway portal to be allowed. I hope this question make sense. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Toan, I might say something wrong, but User Certs are still not supported on CWA for Linux, if this is what you meant:

Sebastien is correct, Citrix doesn’t support it on the Linux platform today

Also as this certificate can be downloaded from the netscaler easily it would not be a bg problem to copy it to other Igels. There are other tools that can check if the Igel is managed by your UMS i.e. DeviceTrust for which the client is already included in IGEL OS

thank you all for the input

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