Help with the Citrix StoreFront Idle Logoff Script

Does anyone have the Citrix StoreFront Idle Logoff Script working in FW 10.05.800.01? I’ve got two issues on my UD3’s:

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1. The custom application does not automatically start; I have to create a shortcut for it and then manually launch it

2. When the app does run, it logs off the user immediately, ignoring the timeout specified in the app (20 minutes)

This behavior exists with both client v18.10 and v13.10, as well as server type StoreFront and StoreFront Legacy Mode. I don’t see any other way to forcibly logoff a user who has been sitting idle while logged into StoreFront, and it’s a hard requirement for us (healthcare).

No, never re-tried it by myself but did you tried or thought about a screensaver that starts a command like logoff?

No, but this is definitely something for me to investigate. I actually need to amend my original statement, because when the script runs, it does wait for the timeout… I must be asleep, because I thought the value was minutes and not seconds. Still, it doesn’t automatically start. I’d love for that to happen even if I have alternatives.

Oh dear god, I’m a clown. It automatically starts fine if you actually reboot the device after applying the profile. This is what I get for not having enough coffee this morning!

How did you even went to work without enough coffee? You are my hero for that😄

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