Help with USB Document Scanner in IGEL OS

HELP NEEDED: USB Document Scanner in Igel OS

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The Goal: apparently they are a lot of USB Scanners out there who should be used on Igel OS AND a VDI or Terminalserver architecture like Citrix.

The Issue: there is no TWAIN Integration for Linux and USB redirection works in 50% of our testings.

The actual solution: they are a few: but all of them costs some extra money

The idea: I’m working on a Custom Partition including XSane: a GUI Frontend to use Document scanners in Igel OS. SANE as Backend is already implemented as a “unsupported Feature”, so half of the work is done 🙂

So, now I have a CP that could scan documents with a Preview to Path like: Samba (/Cifs) Share (to the Backend), a local storage (USB / CP) that could me mapped to the Remote Server like other device, etc…

YOUR HELP: my scanner isn’t supported by SANE (Brother MFC), is there somebody out there who would be interested in that solution and if yes, has a Scanner from this list: ?

I would forward you the CP, and ask you to connect your USB Scanner to an Igel OS11 Device with 11.03.530, and give me Remote Access to the Device or I would write down some guidance.

Maybe I can help you, I have scanner Fujitsu, I am checking the model and support.

That would be great! I would share the CP with all of you (Community in general) as soon as it works! 👍

I could have some use for such a solution. Are the backends from hplib included in IGEL OS?

Let me know, when you have something to test or need any help.

I have fi-5220C, is valid?

@member yes! It is! Would have to check the driver itself when connected.

@member they aren‘t from what I‘ve seen but could try to integrate them into a CP!

We have the Panasonic KV-S1025C as well as the KV-S1026C which i do not see on the list.

@member We could check if there is compatible model we could use instead, will forward you the CP after our tests with Daniel, and then Marius.

@member I actually made a CP of XSane and never shared it. A few weeks ago I got an HP AIO printer from my dad so I could test XSane with that (your version or mine) 🙂

Hi all, please find attached my CP and Profile in a ZIP. @member I would check both if you can!

Guys I have 2 scanners compatibles at home so just tell me if you need I try something

I had to change the Custom Partition Size from 30M to 300M, and it seems to be loaded and running fine with our Panasonic KV-S1025C which is on the list.

@member that’s great feedback!! So, you could scan from your device, get a preview of your document and save it somewhere? Would something be missed in your opinion? Will check the CP size, thank you!!

I think this CP works quite well! It allows me to scan, and shows me a preview of the image. Once there I can save as an image or pdf file, which i just saved to the local users download folder. I was quite impressed with the amount of options it has. I have not tested all, but it has options for Duplex, Double feed detection, dpi settings, color/bw, brightness/contrast, and the ability to directly save as oppose to bribing up the preview.

Ok! Perfect! So, is this something you could work with? If yes, we might put together a How to for „scanning with x(sane)“.

Yes, works!

Thank you Marius!

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