Helpl with integrated card reader on IGEL thin client working via RDP to Server 2019 with Belgium eID viewer?

Hello everyone! Anyone from Belgium here and also struggling in getting the integrated card reader from an IGEL thin client working via RDP to Server 2019 with Belgium eID viewer installed? Today i installed the and now i am able to see the card reader in the Belgium eID viewer as “HID Global OMNIKEY 3×21 Smart Card Reader 00 00” and on the bottom of the application the empty progress bar pops up when i insert an eID. But no information is displayed in the application itself.

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I used “Enable Native USB Redirection” Default rule “Allow” with no other settings in the RDP Global options.

Anyone in the same situation?

Hi Peter! Enabling Native USB Redirection and Allow as default can guide you to even more problems. The native one should only be set to deny and set an exclusion by classes or Product- and Vendor-ID.

Can you double-check, that the daemon is running?

If you open the setup on the local IGEL you’ll see an additional window showing up the local attached readers.

Also, what version of eID viewer are you using? I have heard from several people that it is buggy 😕

Hello Peter, not from Belgium but I would separate the smartcard topic in two main Topics:

Using Smartcard by PCSC: keep this enabled :

and USB Redirection disabled to get it working through the PCSC Channel by using the corresponding Library under Middleware


Disabling the PCSC:

and redirecting it (assuming it‘s a USB one) by using the USB Redirection feature like described by Udo.

Hi, i can confirm that the deamon is running on the local IGEL. I cannot seem to find the window showing the internal card reader as attached. The eID viewer i am using is the 4.3.6. I’ll walk trough the suggestions i was given and post back the results later today

thank you for the help so far !

You have to start the setup on the IGEL itself, than the “currently active PC/SC devices” will show up:

@member ok, when i start the setup on the IGEL itself i can see the integrated card reader.

Then, you should be good (generally spoken) to use the PCSC, instead of USB Redirection for the first check.

Are they specified settings/Libraries needed for eID?

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