Higher resolution monitors connected to IGEL OS thin client stretch instead of giving black bars.

Hello, when connecting a monitor with a higher resolution then set in the thinclient the screen will stretch instead of giving black bars. Anyone seen this issue before? The thinclient is set to 1920×1080 and when connected to a 1920×1200 monitor it stretches the screen while we where expecting black bars at top and bottom. Any hints on why this is happening?

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What is Happening if you set the resolution to 1920×1200?

Are you sure the monitor doesn’t also support 1920×1080 and it’s just auto-adjusting (stretching) to the 16:9 aspect ratio?

Did you tried to set the resolution by using the display switcher (Igel Setup=>Accessories=>Display Switcher)?

Thanks for your quick reply!

@member When the resolution is set to 1920×1200 the screen is displayed normally. @member When under Win10 it gives black bars, only on the Igel it stretches. Didn’t find any setting in the OSD of the Samsung SyncMaster 2443 to counter the behavior. @member Changing the resolution from the display switcher did not help. The screen still stretches to fill the screen.

Edit: Connected the monitor on the DVI port via VGA adapter. Changing te resolution now gives black bars. Only 1920×1080 is no longer an option to select in the display switcher.

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