How are files synced between UMS and IGEL OS

Quick Question, hopefully an easy one: If we send a File, stored on the UMS Server, down to End-Point devices (all of which register with the UMS via the ICG), and then we make a CHANGE to that File, do the Devices pull it down automatically, or do we have to do some kind of “Refresh” in UMS to get the edited File to the End-Points?

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On the next sync or reboot they should

Right so I figured it would likely happen during a Sync… When/How/How Often do those Sync events happen?

And can I “force” a Sync across all devices?

Right-click and use Settings UMS -> Device

And that will Sync across ALL Devices registered in UMS?

It will do what you have selected, but I recomend doing it in groups

Don’t overwhelm your UMS server


Thanks man

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