How can a user to change the language of the UI / apps on IGEL OS?

On the linux OS, is there a way for the user to change the language of the UI / apps, hopefully without a restart? Hopefully something command-line too so I can write GUI scripts on top of it

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Do you have a standard language set by profile? If not, Quicksetup is your best friend:

There you could give limited access to the user and give him control over some settings if they aren‘t blocked by a profile.

If yes: give me a hint, I scripted something.

Yes, the standard language will be English

I’d rather not have users have access to the actual setup app as it’ll probably only confuse them

That‘s already the default when Igel OS starts the first time or if nothing is set, so you should be fine!

On Quicksetup you only gives access to what you want, the rest isn‘t even shown.

Hmm, I don’t have an IGEL OS handy at the moment but what does Quick Setup look like?

Me neither, only remote Screenshots

Might be too complicated for our users in this case; previously we used shortcuts on desktops that launches Citrix sessions in the correct language, I’m looking to replicate this (hence commandline)

First screenhot in UMS, Second from Endpoint.

If you want to script, this script I created may help you. Pick out whatever you need:

A custom application with a command of your choice should help either:

Happy scripting! 😀

Btw. I have a few Feature Requests opened at our PM for having a easier local config tool than Quicksetup. Let‘s see what the future brings.

Yep that script looks exactly like what we need!

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