How can I change which UMS server the standalone admin tool connects to?

Hello I am trying to move my UMS 6.04 server to another server. Going from windows 10 to windows 2012 server. The 2012 server was already setup as just console management only. I see and can back and restore my DB to move / migrate. But how can I change my console installed box to basically a new server to migrate the data into?

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Hello, let‘s see if that article helps you:

Yes I saw that. My problem is when I install / upgrade on my server that was just the management console i cont seem to get it to see the install as new. As it keeps my old login info. I think I want to fully remove UMS from my server and all settings. Then install fresh and migrate database.

Usually, the Setup should detect if a UMS Server is already there. Do you have a Service called IgelRMGuiserver running on your host? If not, I would search for real server. If you want to delete old Login Data, it is in %userprofile%.igel and registry.

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