How can I figure out at the IGEL ICG to what UMS an ICG belongs to?

Hi all, how can I figure out at the ICG to what UMS an ICG belongs to?

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Is there any conf file and if where is it located. Thx

The UMS server reaches out to the ICG when you add it and establishes a secure session over the specified port. I assume a one-time key / trust is established at that point. I’m pretty sure if you want to switch UMS servers, you’ll need to do an uninstall and install of the ICG bin. Also make sure you remove it from original UMS server if it still exists.

You could probably run ‘netstat -atup | grep ESTABLISHED’ and see which one it is connected to in the output of that command. If you know the I.P. address of the U.M.S., you could run ‘netstat -antup | grep $ADDRESS’, or just use the hostname, as in ‘netstat -atup | grep -i $HOSTNAME’. You probably don’t need the ‘u’ or ‘p’ switches, but I just run it with ‘-antup’ by default.

@member what’s the use case behind your question?

Hi Jeremy, you made my day, sometimes it’s so easy and you cannot see the wood for the trees, but now I know at least the location the ICG is connecting too. There is no use case, it’s an ICG at our ISP and a ton of UMSs in the data center and I don’t know what this particular ICG was for 😉

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