How can I install OS11 policies on the OS 12 client?

I am running UMS 12. I have just installed OS 12 on one of the clients. All of my policies are based on 11 for all the other clients. How can I install those policies on the OS 12 client?

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For now, you have to use UMS Web App and create new profiles.

I recommend taking two hours and take IGEL ICP class. Details in link above.

What is the UMS Web link?


Thank you

ok, so if I want to create a new profile and configure a Chromium session, I dont see Chromium as in UMS? Do I need to add it somewhere first?

See App Portal part:

than kyou so much

Additional details here

When I open App portal I get an error “Authentication Error” No valid token provided

I recommend taking the ICP class (2 hours) it will go over how you register your UMS 12 into IGEL COSMOS …

got it, thank you.

Do you know where the printers are now, in WebApp?

Used to be in the Devices, but I dont see it now.

Did you add the CUPS printing App to UMS?

Yes, I did…. I actually used PrinterLogic integration.

I had to disable CUPS in order to enable PrinterLogic


did not uderstand you

So, yes, I registered the UMS and see all the apps.

In the docs, I am supposed to import the apps from the APP portal to the UMS. I only see the download option, which downloads the .ipkg file to the computer.

I take it, that I have to import these files into UMS?

For OS 12 … Here are steps…

Ok… so my Apps section in the profile is empty…. like, in yours you have all of the icons to choose from

I cant select anything there, nor add it


1. Take ICP class

2. Register your UMS 12 with COSMOS (adding in App Portal)

3. Open App Portal and import apps into your UMS

I did register it… it says successfully

I am looking at the registration now

Please review COSMOS FAQ as well…

Just had to sign out and sign back in

Do you know…. I do not see PrinterLogic as one of the available apps…. does it mean that it was not built for OS12? Or is there a way to bring it from OS11?

How do I enable ability to launch Terminal on OS12?

Add a Terminal session from Setup

got it

@member atm the PL integration is missing in OS 12.

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