How can I record 5 IGEL OS clients running at the same time?

We have a customer that needs any utility, like Snagit, to record video/audio from 5 IGEL clients connecting via RDP, simultaneously. Run 5 recordings from the same computer or one recording from 5 computers. Any idea?

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Dumb question, maybe, but does it have to be started on Endpoint side or more on RDS side? On Windows I like Bandicam, on Linux Kazam (Custom Partition). Since it can be hardware demanding, I would say 1-2 per device if started locally.

He wants to connect 5 IGEL devices to a server via RDP and then, from a Windows PC, with a VNC session to each IGEL, record those RDP sessions simultaneously. If is not possible from only one PC, he could use 5 PCs to open a VNC session to each IGEL device on each PC.

Then 5 Sessions from one PC, and do a resizing for the fitting. I would suggest to use a separate VNC Client instead of the UMS builtin one. But it depends from the content of your RDP Session, of course.

But recording that doesn’t reflect how it looks for the user – why are you planning to& record 5 session at the same time?

Customer only wants to record those 5 RDP sessions simultaneously. I don ́t know the reason, yet, but is not needed to see them all in the same monitor. He only needs to record them at the same time with a VNC utility. Is possible to use UMS shadowing to connect to 5 IGEL devices simultaneously and use Snagit or any capture utility on each shadowing window?

Finally, customer solved the issue using TeamViewer on server side. IGEL devices connect to server via RDP with different users. Then, he connects from a PC to each RDP session to record. Many thanks.

connecting to each thin client with a “standalone” vnc should also be a possible way

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