How can support check USB device status in IGEL OS?

Hi All,

Is any way, that can support check USB device status in IGEL OS? (like devices manager of windows)

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Similar as attached : HP Thin Pro USB manager. Due to we only can check Devices via System-Information. and if any records of log file that can saving USB devices insert and remove onto clients. Tks.

Hi Evan, assuming the HP screenshot shows the Citrix (or whatever TS arch.) Redirection piece, right?

Yes, the screenshot is based on Citrix.

It can select for checking. (as attached)

Atm. the only way to redirect Devices (or not) is to go through a profile (even if I like this HP approach):

There is no real configuration on the endpoint!

So, it only way to check devices status via system information, right? and no any log file to record when devices insert and remove?

well, if you use the EMP Subscription, there the AIT (asset Inventory tracker) would log when / which device was connected / removed.

got it, thank you. Have a nice day.

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