How can the user can choose the Scaling-level on IGEL OS?

Hi there. The Display-Scaling in Windows Server 2016 is different to the way it worked on 2008 R2. Prior, the user could choose a Scaling Level (125%, 150%) by himself even in a Remote Session. This is not possible in 2012 / 2016, the new way is that the Client defines the Scaling. Is it possible that a user can choose the Scaling-level on Igel OS? Connecting via Citrix Receiver…

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Hi, can’t test it actually but did you had a look on

Display Switch:

There you could define a zoom Option

Yes, but then i can set a virtual Resolution, the Screen is zoomed and i can move around in it, like with a magnifier tool.

Then, my only idea is to play around with the DPI Scale under User Interface => Display => Display DPI. How would you solve the issue on a linux fat client? If there is a fix I would assume, that we could use it on our OS

@member I have the same problem. Did you already find a possible solution?

Can you try the virtual resolution or scale? That worked on my side, didn‘t had this in mind on my first answer to @member

@member Neither RDP Window Scale nor Display DPI has any effect to the citrix desktop session

Nothing of this worked for us. We ended up writing a little tool which sets the Reg-Key “LogPixels” (DWORD) at HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop to the Values 96,120,144,192 or 288 by users choice. the user has to logoff and on logon the Scaling Level is set.

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