How can we successfully login to the ICG TomCat apache server?

Hi! I have a question regarding remote install of the ICG. Earlier we have deployed an ICG manually. If we browse to that manually deployed ICG IP we are presented with Apache TomCat. I have successfully deployed a new ICG with the remote installer. However, when we browse the IP of the ICG we are not presented with Apache TomCat. The reason we want to be able to browse TomCat is to have a monitor on the NetScaler to check wether ICG is up or down. How can we successfully browse the ICG to the TomCat apache?

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Hi, since 1.03.120 we removed the landing page:

[ICG Server]

Fixed: Disable Apache Tomcat welcome page

Wouldn‘t it be easier to do a SSL port monitoring on the ICG Port?

@member Great! Thanks! I just wanted to confirm that this was indeed intended and “as it should be”. I will configure SSL port monitoring on the ICG port instead.

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