How do I delete a license from a IGEL OS client without factory reset?

Hello, how do I delete a license from a IGEL client without factory reset? I tried everything i could research:

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Remove the hardware from the License Pack, so that the client isn’t connected with the license anymore, but even after refreshing the license information the entry for license is still there in the client license information in the UMS


run the commands:

mount –o remount,rw /license

rm /license/dsa/licenses/<license-filename>.lic

mount –o remount,ro /license

But the license is back after a restart.

How is it so easy to add a license but so hard to remove it? There are cases when a license can’t be replaced by a new one and i can’t factory reset the clients

How are you deploying licenses? Offline, ALD Token or UMS Licensing ID?

I think UMS Licensing ID

I don’t know why the UMS is deploying a license to a client, that isn’t listed in the hardware list for the license pack, when i have manually deleted the license file from the client. And it was the right one, because the date matches with the date of adding the license.

That‘s why I‘ve asked which deployment type you used. did you refreshed your Product packs informations after the deletion?

When did you delete the license?

I had to revoke the EMP licence from a few devices as we had an error with our assignment rule. I found that it was not enough to delete the licence in the Igel Licence Portal and on the device but also in the section Device Licencecs in the Administration of the UMS-Console. We use ALD and I updated the product packs before deleting the licence on the device.

Yes, refreshed the pack in the UMS and the change from the license portal was visible in the UMS. But I add the licenses manually to our clients bc it’s too complicated here to use auto deploy with or without conditions. That’s why i wonder how the license file get back to the client from the UMS after deleting it from the filesystem.

@member That’s what I did too, but I don’t think it’s a matter how the licenses come from the license portal to the UMS. I want to remove an EMP-license from a client, so that the EMP line in the client license information is clear again, without factory reset and relicensing the client.

@member I experienced now, that even a factory reset doesn’t remove the licenses on the client. And that before it was readded to the UMS. That’s no factory reset afaik.

The reset to factory defaults doesn‘t delete the license that‘s true, that would cause too issues when dealing with offline / local licensing.

And how can I force this?

By issuing the mount / remount commands you sent above.

Okay, then I have to find the mechanism how the licence is readded by the UMS after a restart, despite the client by it’s MAC isn’t connected to the EMP-pack; nor in the licensing portal and nor in the UMS

@member the UMS has two sources for licenses.

• license files which were manually imported to the UMS, and

• ALD licenses

If either of these lists of licenses contains the MAC address of your device, the UMS will automatically re-license the device. So there must still be a license somewhere which applies to this device

You should check in Device Licenses and in Deployment

Deployment corresponds to the licenses inside ILP, and it will sync with ILP. But a manually-imported .lic file in Device’s Licenses won’t update itself so you have to delete it in the UMS if you no longer want to license the device.

But why is it relicensed when it hasn’t the right to do so, because all licenses are connected to the rightfully clients?

Have you checked that the device is not included in an old license file which is still in the UMS?

No, the .lic-file isn’t imported manually. I meant earlier, that i add licenses in the UMS by right-click client -> license manually -> select license and client(s) and OK that

OK so you are using ALD then. In this case, log into ILP and search for the MAC address of this client to see if it’s still inside a Product Pack

There are no old licenses under Development

Check in ILP

If I search the Hardware, then it’s still connected to the EMP, but not active, because all licenses of the pack are active on the rigtfully clients right now. Because of that the client ist listed in the pack as 0/…

The WE license will still be copied to the device. Are you sure you’re not getting mixed up between the WE license and the EMP license?

Yes, the WE license should be connected to the device. I want to get rid of the EMP license.

Any suggestions left? Thanks in advance

I don’t know what the problem could be here. If the UMS is in sync with the ALD, and there is no license under Devices Licenses then I don’t know why it would still issue a license.

There are licenses under Devices Licenses.

Oh, I just saw my client in question in another entry. How do I delete this entry? Or is it just a history of issued licenses?

You can click the “minus” icon after selecting the item in the list. If you are using ALD for all your licenses, it shouldn’t matter if you delete it.

Yes, it didn’t do anything. But there has to be a way. What if I sell an IGEL client and make a factory reset, believing no licenses are stored after? The new owner is happy to have licenses, despite I’m still using them on my own IGEL clients or am I wrong? 😁

Did you wipe the license from the device after removing the license from the UMS?

No, but I’ll try that. Thanks

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