How do I export a directory in 6.04, I see importing directory?

How do I export a directory in 6.04, I see importing directory? I have a main directory with common profiles then individual directories underneath as different locations with unique profiles that the location needs. I don’t want to export the main with everyone just the one location.

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Sorry to ask, what do you mean by exporting a folder? the structure, the assigned profiles or the endpoints (maybe their config)?

In UMS you have device and directories I have a main directory say called ABC and have standard profiles created such as no screen savers, or do not time out. These would floe down to any directory I create by default. Underneath ABC I have sub-directories that are actually locations around the world so once could be called USA under ABC. In the USA sub-directory I have built profiles unique to USA say for instance GMT Time. This is all on a dev environment now I want to move what i built but I don’t want all the inherited profiles as they are duplicated on the QA server. I also don’t want to move other sub-directory like canada, mexico etc. I just want to export the USA sub-directory with only the GMTtime profile. There are other profiles but using time as an example.

Ok, got it. For the moment, there is no automated way, you would have to right click each, show in Directory and export it from there.

For the future, you could move them in your profile folder to corresponding subfolders and do the sorting.

Interesting you have an import directory as one of the options. So there isn’t away to export just a single directory with its profiles? I was thinking you could and chose whats being exported

Import directory means you can import a Directory structure per CSV, exporting a directory only works on the Profiles ( Green 🅿️ ), no on device level unfortunately.

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