How do I export list of IGEL OS devices in UMS as a CSV?

How do I export list of IGEL devices in UMS as a CSV? I saw something similar, by r-clicking a directory and exporting as an XML file. Not exactly what I need. I just want terminal names and IP addresses. Any suggestions?

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You can look at using Powershell to export that info.

Refer here:

Command you’re after is:

Get-UMSDevice -Computername ‘igelrmserver’ -WebSession $Websession | Export-Csv -Path C:Export.csv

while @member is perfectly right 😄, you can achieve this within the UMS by using a less cool way 😉 with views. there you can use “save as” -> “csv”

@member where do you see Views? I’m using UMS 5.07.110

i am not on a computer now, but iirc the main tree there are profiles, thinclients, jobs and views

Ah, figured it out, lol. Under Server (left pane), I saw Views. I created a new view which filters by Unit ID. Now I can r-click on the new view and save as csv. Thank you, @member!

Thank you!

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