How do I force IGEL OS to use a new license?

We have an EMP licensed device “in the field” that is showing that the license will expire in 8 days. We recently assigned a new EMP 3 year license, however the user is still getting the warning about the expiring license. How do I force the TC to begin using the new license? Or do we wait until the old one expires?

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Do the licenses in the admin section of UMS show the updated date?

Yeah, it looks correct in there

Is it correct to assume you tried the option to refresh license information?

Yeah. I figured out the issue. When the new license file was added to UMS, the old license file was not deleted, so the TC hung onto the old one for file and death. I deleted the old one, rebooted TC, and voila!

Hey Barry, did you use the Solution where they:

1. Do perform the following command in terminal on the device:

2. `cat /license/dsa/licenses/*.lic`

3. Gather the entries between `<licensecategory>` and `</licensecategory>.`


I’m having the same issue on some of mine as well.


Hi – I did not try those steps. In our case a simple reboot has been working as we are refreshing licenses.

Thanks for replying. So what step to you do to delete the license from the device?

We didnt. We just assigned the new one.

It’s worth mentioning that the license that was assigned had the same license pack number (EMP-####)

Aahh, Those upgrades are going well for me. It is the ones that I’m changing to a different pack that are being problem children. Thank you for the update.

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