How do I get my hands on IGEL private builds?

How do i get my hands on IGEL OS private builds?

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Which one is needed? I would send the link as PM.

Hello Sebastien. Thank you for the reply. I’d like to try 10.05.590 and 10.05.620.

Hello @member Sent you a PM.

Hello – please send me the link to the new PRIVATE BUILD 10.05.620.

Sent you a PM.

Thank you for the link, firmware was applied. Having issues adding new UD3-LX51 devices to the new server running UMS 6.01, the new devices overwrite the existing device and only one device will properly register. Is this a license issue? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

That should only happen when the mac address is equal. What happens when you reset both devices to factory default?

Same result with three brand new IGEL devices, each one has unique MAC address.

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